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CORVETTE Z06 Side Rockers
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  • C7 Grand Sport 2014-2018
  • C7 Z06 2014-2018


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  • C7 Grand Sport 2014-2018
  • C7 Z06 2014-2018

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Surface Finish



Are these easy to install?
We consider installing side skirts as an easy-to-medium install difficultly. If jacking your car up, putting it on lifts or race ramps is something you frequently do, then installing side skirts will be an easy task for you. Having the car off the ground makes the install much easier.


Is drilling required?
Yes. Drilling is required; however, the OEM mounting points are also re-used. This is for added security, as these side skirts will generate down-force and naturally want to pull off the car. The use of two-way tape is not advised.


How well do these fit on the Corvette?
All products including side skirts are designed using OEM data. This means that the side skirt was digitally designed to precisely fit on the Corvette, as if they were stock items! This also means that no extra modifications need to be done to either the car or rockers to get them to fit.


What material are the Zero7 Side Skirts made out of?
The Zero7 side rockers are made out of ABS-PC plastic in an plastic injection mold. This yields a highly precise and quality component that is equally rigid. This type of material is ideal for aerodynamic car components as they are durable, lightweight, and long-lasting.


What surface finish should I get?
If you are wanting to paint the parts yourself or have someone else paint them, then Primer is the choice. Primer is an unpainted surface that requires a final sanding prior to paint. Textured Black is a matte finish similar to a non-painted GM part like the wheel bezel or Stage 1 Z06 Splitter. We recommend this finish if you have a Stage 1 Z06 Splitter 45-4-159 TXT. Carbon Flash Metallic Black is our recommendation for our aeropacks. This color will match the trim pieces found on your C7 including the front grill, rear diffuser, fender inserts. Essentially, all black accent pieces are in Carbon Flash Metallic Black.


C7 Grand Sport 2014-2018
C7 Z06 2014-2018


Side Rockers for Corvette Z06 and Grand Sport — OEM Quality for a Third of the Price of GM Part!


The Z06 side rockers replicate those of the GM Aero3 side rockers, but at a third of the price of the originals. Not only are we offering competitive pricing, but we extended the under carriage section to fully protect the OEM painted rocker section unlike the GM counterpart. Thus, your precious paintwork will be protected.

All Z06 side rockers come fully prepped, primed, and ready to paint–smoothly molded with a finish that truly stands out. The side rockers are designed with simplicity in mind to ensure a quick and easy install. Installation involves the use of mechanical fasteners (kit supplied). Estimated install time: 30 minutes.


  • Manufactured in an OEM-validated ABS-PC composite material.
  • Enhanced aerodynamic performance at higher speeds.
  • Will not lower the ride height of the vehicle.
  • Contoured profile for easy access.
  • Smooth finish on either side for easy cleaning.
  • Mounted to the original OEM rocker panel.
  • Protects OEM painted rocker panel.
  • Installation kit.

Available Finishes 

  • Black Primer
  • Textured Black Finish
  • Carbon Flash Finish
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