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Dodge Challenger Wide Body Kit
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Dodge Challenger Widebody Kit by Clinched


Product Description

Dodge Challenger Widebody Kit by Clinched


– Adds +3.5 inches (9cm) per side up front and +4.7 inch (12cm) per side out back

– Included in the kit: front fender flares, front bumper add-on elements, rear fender flares, side skirts, rear bumper add-on elements, ducktail trunk spoiler (optional), front bumper lip, rubber gasket, installation hardware

–  Front fender flares +3.5 inches (9cm)

–  Rear fender flares +4.7 inch (12cm)

–  Side skirts

–  Front bumper add-on elements

–  Front lip

–  Rear bumper add-on elements

–  Ducktail trunk spoiler


Our new Dodge Challenger widebody kit is made out of high-quality precision-made ABS plastic – same material OE bumpers are made out of. With its extremely durable qualities, ABS plastic is far superior to commonly-used fiberglass. The kit was unveiled at SEMA ‘2018 Show. We expect this kit to be a game-changer in the Dodge Challenger community.


This Dodge Challenger widebody kit will fit all Dodge Challengers from 2008+ model year. Please note – this kit requires an OE SRT front bumper valance to be fitted.

Installation and hardware:

This widebody kit comes with mounting hardware (Type 3) and rubber gaskets. For those customers looking to mount the kit with a different style of hardware, we offer a choice of Type 1 and  Type 2  mounting hardware. The type of mounting hardware is nothing more than a personal choice.

Please note – you will have to cut your existing fenders and quarter panels. We highly recommend professional installation. Some of our clients have been successful with DIY installations though.

All parts in this Dodge Challenger widebody kit come in unpainted black ABS plastic. You can paint or wrap the kit. In either case, you or your installer will have to primer the parts first.

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