Toyota Supra A90

Available today Supra

2020 GS Supra

Possible modifications:
3.0 $49.990
3.0 Premium $53.990
Launch Edition $55.250

The differences between the three possible variations


They are the same in everything except the following details:
3.0 and 3.0 Premium 19-in. forged-aluminum twin-spoke wheels with the dual-tone finish.
Launch Edition 19-in. forged-aluminum twin-spoke wheels with a matte-black finish.

3.0 and 3.0 Premium Matte-black auto-folding, heated outside mirrors with memory function.
Launch Edition Glossy-red auto-folding, heated outside mirrors with memory function.


3.0 Black Alcantara/leather-trimmed sport seats
3.0 Premium and Launch Edition Black leather-trimmed sport seats
Launch Edition Red leather-trimmed sport seats

3.0 Standart pedals
3.0 Premium and Launch Edition sport pedals

Launch Edition Serialized Launch Edition badge in carbon fiber


3.0 10-speaker HiFi sound system (205W)
3.0 Premium and Launch Edition 12-speaker JBL HiFi Surround Sound system (500W)

3.0 6.5-in. display screen with Supra Command featuring AM/FM, Digital Audio, SiriusXM and USB/Bluetooth
3.0 Premium and Launch Edition 8.8-in. touch-screen with Supra Command featuring touchpad control with navigation, AM/FM, Digital Audio, SiriusXM, Apple CarPlay compatible, voice recognition and USB/Bluetooth

3.0 Premium and Launch Edition Toyota Supra Connect featuring Emergency Calling, Battery Guard, Remote-Control Lock/Ventilation, Real-Time Traffic Information, Map Updates, Concierge Service and Toyota Supra Online (services available online; app available for iOS only)

3.0 Premium and Launch Edition Qi-compatible wireless charging61 tray with light indicator

Safety / Convenience

3.0 Premium and Launch Edition Full-color Head-Up Display (HUD)

3.0 Premium and Launch Edition Heated seats

3.0 Charging socket (DC12V) and USB port (1.5A)
3.0 Premium and Launch Edition Charging socket (DC12V) and USB port (2.1A)


0-60 in 3.8

Toyota or BMW

Is this Supra or Z4?

In collaboration with BMW, they created Supra

Engine, drive unit and transmission is from Z4

Due to the rigidity of the body structure and other changes, the Supra turned out to be better, more beautiful and faster.

The design is inspired by Toyota 2000gt.

About the interior, to save money, they put BMW button percussion switches, screens, and some more details.

Upcoming Supras

The 2019 Supra Xfinity Series Race Car

The racetrack is where we live. It’s where we prove our commitment to making ever-better cars. That’s why we’re proud to announce our latest creation for the racetrack: the 2019 Supra Xfinity Series Race Car. With its ability to produce over 700 horsepower, and unleash a roar that literally makes the earthquake, this purpose-built race car really gets our minds racing. Our teams at Calty Design and Toyota Racing Development worked hand-in-hand with NASCAR 51 to ensure the iconic race car shape was safe, powerful, and ready to take this car to speeds in excess of 200 mph. It’s shaken up racing since making its on-track debut at the NASCAR Xfinity Series on February 16, 2019.

Information from the official web:
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GR Supra Racing Concept

With a one-two punch of cutting-edge technology and the same high-performance DNA that defined four generations of Toyota’s most iconic sports car, the GR Supra Racing Concept is a competition-ready glimpse into the future. Its headline-hogging reveal at the Geneva Motor Show confirmed Toyota’s commitment to bring Supra into the 21st century with a no-compromise, fifth-gen design that delivers world-class power, performance and handling on the road or track. Based on a compact, two-door layout, the GR Supra Racing Concept has a pure front-engine/rear-wheel-drive configuration and makes use of advanced lightweight materials in its construction. Itching to get behind the wheel and sample its incredible performance? The GR Supra Racing Concept has been featured since the fifth update of the Gran Turismo Sport racing video game, released in April 2018.

Information and pictures from the official web:

Aero Package Features

For stunning performance through turns, the GR Supra Racing Concept uses an aerodynamic package developed by TOYOTA GAZOO Racing – the team behind Toyota’s 200-mph-plus, hybrid-tech Le Mans racers. The computer-designed and wind-tunnel-tuned front splitter, massive rear wing and diffuser literally suck the car to the asphalt, making for eye-watering cornering speeds. Extensive use of composite materials means the aero add-ons are lightweight but incredibly strong.

Cabin Features

Inside the GR Supra Racing Concept’s carbon-fiber-lined cabin, it’s all business. If it isn’t built for performance or safety, it doesn’t get in. Period. The quick-release OMP steering wheel includes a state-of-the-art LED dash display and a paddle-shift system for lightning-fast gear shifts. The driver’s seat is designed for high-speed cornering, and a full roll cage, safety harness and fire extinguishers put safety front and center too.

Information and pictures from the official web:

My personal opinion about this car.

I’m certainly glad that Toyota is trying to revive the legendary supra, but it seems to me that it is not a true legend, not a real supra, partly due to the fact that this is a mix with BMW, but if you take into account that it would not exist without it, I’m glad that it appeared.
I would have been tempted to wait some more time and get the real Japanese legendary supra which was in previous bodies like 4 generations.
I think that the fans are certainly happy, but maybe they will not be delighted and it’s, all the same, they will always have the 4th generation in their hearts.

What about tuning?

In my opinion, this Supra is some o the best cars for tuning.
Are much option for tune it, also are so much variation on the internet but here are some of the options.

If you need some Tuning parts please text us and we help you to find some cool parts for your car.
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